Nope. Not Gunna Sleep, Mummy!

Tiger has decided, in her Little Wisdom, that she does not want her last nap of the day.

She does this, from time to time, just because she thinks Mummy's life is rather dull and it is her little job to make things More Of The Interesting.

I'm actually a bit miffed.

It's her MIDDLE sleep I wanted her to ditch. Her Middle sleep is the annoying one - the one that means we have to come home in the middle of outings so she can nap. Her last sleep of the day is AWESOME. It come JUST at the time when Cackle Mummy is flagging a little and needs a snuggle in bed with her Tiger to rejuvenate her for the evening shift.

But, as we know, Tiger marches to the beat of her own little drum. And so it seems Last Sleep is a goner. And, as we speak, after having been awake for nearly six hours, it seems like it's not SUCH a disaster. 

Tiger is pretty happy still. She's just starting to get a bit wriggly and whingey in Daddy Bear's arms, but she's not ferocious with rage. So maybe she really DOESN'T need Last Sleep.

Le Sigh.

Except if the Last Sleep is dead, THINK of all the fun stuff we can get up to between the hours of two and seven!!!!

STARTING with an (animal-free) circus being held very close to our little home next week, during the time Tiger would usually be sleeping! We can go to that because TIGER WILL NOT BE SLEEPING!!! And it is just the first of the many things we can do together during that time. Yes, I will miss the snuggles, but think of the ADVENTURES!!!!

Last Sleep, you have permission to go. Because adventures with Tiger are LOVELY!!!

~ Love, Miss Cackle x


Sally O said...

It was okay as long as it didn't culminate in the six o'clock howl.

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