Lovely Miss Cackle

Yesterday, I had a really bad day.

I got rained on, walking to work, and was all shivery and freezy for the rest of the day, and smelled like wet dog!

My sweet cat turned ninja demon kitty and launched a claw ambush on me from behind the couch, resulting in BLOOD and hole in favourite stockings.

I inadvertantly said something which sounded very much like a come-on to a young male customer who went bright pink, and is probably now working out whether to sue or stalk me (in my HEAD, "Can I just pop my penguins on your stool" sounded VERY NORMAL).

I melted my lunch container with my previously yummy lunch inside it.

I forgot that the First Tuesday Book Club was on the telly.

I got a pussy willow in the eye.

A friend got injured.

I was still wet.

I looked at my book buying account at work and went "eek".

My boss thought my cupcake idea was silly.

My nose dripped on the counter right in front of a customer.

In short, my day was yucky.

I stomped. I grouched. I huffed. I did a strange little dance, designed to make me warm up that didn't work and made me look like a drunken leprechaun-meerkat cross.

I ate three Freddo Frogs, read Possum Magic twice, listened to The Cat Empire AND screamed at the sky in the manner of Where The Wild Things Are.


Then, I went to the supermarket.

Usually, I like supermarkets. Usually, supermarketeering is a BIG ADVENTURE!

Today, it was VERY MUCH NOT FUN!

I stomped. I grouched. I huffed. I yelled at biscuits.

I scared the poor little shelf stacker by turning to him and saying "FAAARRRRRGGHHH!!!"


But thhhheennnn ...

The fruit and veg man with the lovely smile told me there were nicer mushrooms over there.


Yucky day ... LOVELY DAY!

Which got me thinking.

Just ONE LOVELY THING in an otherwise pooey day had made my whole day lovely.

Maybe, other lovely things had happened, and I had just not noticed.

Maybe it actually was a bad day, but just seeing that ONE lovely thing was enough.

Which got me thinking AGAIN!

And the second bit of thinking went like this ...


The brief:

Find one thing - anything - that is lovely about today. Write about it. Celebrate it. Turn yucky in to lovely.

Make lovely win. 

~ Love, Miss Cackle